Home of the Sticky Bones


Okay, let’s get this straight. In the Philippines, there are tons of go to places especially when it comes to food, good food. From Western, Asian and all sorts of cuisine, the Philippines is just full of choices. Now what’s rare is when it comes to big serving and throwing in affordability on it.
See, I’m a huge fan of western cuisine and anything that gets me full, I’m down for it, but of course, it’s always practical that you get your money’s worth.  So when I heard about Morganfield’s, not only was I ecstatic, but my entire craving for anything western just reached its boiling point. The food selection from the appetizers, main course all the way to the desserts was just incredibly-words-are-not-enough-mouth-watering kind of statement (If I even make sense)! If you are a disciple of good, tender, big and juicy ribs, seasoned fries, homemade sausages and a good old fashioned dessert, you better head to Morganfield’s.
Check the photos so you know what I’m talking about.

_MG_1039It might not be the best Lava Cake I’ve tasted, but for what’s its worth, you still must try it.



I’m not sure if you are a sucker for brownies like I am, but this is a personal favorite. So make sure you put this in your bill after getting yourselves loaded with those crazy carbs and okay, for the sake of fitness, protein.

P1020884Morganfield’s a perfect set up for casual dining, meat-craving or cheat day. It is also a place to celebrate the good times with your family and friends. Be sure to check them out either in BGC or SM Mall of Asia.





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