A video compilation of our recent tour in Japan (a must visit).

IMG_9719Relationships are God given. It can empower the human soul and teach us to love beyond ourselves. The path to a strong relationship can be achieved through a constant effort of unselfishness and sacrifice that we are willing to give.It took us (my girlfriend and I) seven years (yes, seven years TODAY!) to figure this out. What’s crazier? We are still learning so much from each other.

IMG_9606Our relationship has its numerous imperfection, arguments and crossroads of misunderstanding. Not to mention that we are in a LDR situation, but we stand tall amidst this challenges knowing that we love beyond the fights and unintentional conducts of resentment because our love is genuine and sincere.

IMG_9733To carry out a solid relationship takes guts. Meaning, you have to be able to swallow your pride when need be, face any situation (good or bad) together and in my case, be man enough to admit your shortcomings because one way or the other, you will have a lot of shortcomings and a pile of mistakes. Yet the best thing is, you are able to work it out no matter how deep and shallow the circumstance may be.


IMG_8633We have made it a focal point that every relationship is different. We’ve had couples compare our situation to them and our advice would always be not to. To compare is to create friction in your relationship as not all trees bares the same fruit. Take time to invest in your relationship, out of your own effort and in your own timeline. It is yours after all.


IMG_9720May our seven years of learning help you guys realize that you will have to be strong and accept each other like no one can. Find a common ground and be sensitive to your partner’s love language.

IMG_9794Again a reminder, I am 100% convinced that we are far from perfect yet we know that we are in the right path and we are better together.


IMG_8614To my girl, I love you and I look forward for more years with you. Happy Anniversary!


(IMG_9160 from louie reyes on Vimeo.)


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