White shirts are legendary and  essential. Wearing of white tops or shirts has immensely grown over the past few months in the Philippines and more guys have caught up to this trend. I’m a pretty basic guy, I like how things are simple and kept in a minimal order. So when this trend started becoming a thing, I had to resurrect my basic tees.

_mg_1402There’s something about how a white shirt feels and looks when you are wearing them. I’m not really sure what it is, but perhaps it gives me that “clean” or tidy feeling while keeping it classy. I mean don’t get me wrong, I absolutely love Black as well (Black is still black). But lately,  the color white has been a stand out.

_mg_1362I think it doesn’t really matter where you buy the shirt, but making sure that it’s something that you are comfortable wearing  is really important. One thing I can suggest is that you have to be sensitive in the quality of the fabric. Make sure the shirt will not have the “bacon” aftermath once you put in the laundry work. The top I’m wearing is from Topman; It is a skinny fit shirt with a light cotton fabric which is really comfortable and doesn’t give me that uneasy feeling whenever I move.



_mg_1378Basic tees are relatively not that hard to find, especially here in the Philippines, and it’s not that expensive too. Again, this is just my simple take on this look but if you are feeling a little more adventurous, adding a jacket,coat/blazer on top of the shirt and changing the type of jeans and shoes you want to wear is also good. You can go as safe as a black jacket to a pink one (not that I recommend it haha) just because white shirts are relatively easy to match with.

_mg_1400The best thing about basic tees is that you can also play around with the details on your #OOTD. With this look, I just decided to let the white shirt speak for itself as I wanted to highlight it. In this case, a watch, sunnies, denim jeans and a good pair of shoes did the trick.

_mg_1408I’ll be posting more about white shirts and some of its essential on the blog soon so I hope you watch out for that. Feel free to play around with your basic tees because you can never go wrong with your mix and match!

Full Photo credit to my good friend, Ritz a.k.a #Take5wmr.

Brands I’m wearing:

Top by Topman Philppines, sunnies by Sunnies Studios, Kenneth Cole ruby watch, Terranova Denim Jeans and Chelsea boots by Gap (Japan).  #LAConnects


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