Mt. Mamara

One of the things that I love doing is to hike. Did I always love it? Absolutely not (haha). But when the idea of trekking was first introduced to me, I immediately took interest in it. 

My latest hike was at Mt. Mamara which is somewhere near the boundaries of Tanay, Rizal. I heard a lot of good things about this particular Mountain, in fact, some even called it a paradise. Truth be told, it turned out to be one of my favorite hike so far! If I was to put it into words, which I cannot, It was a scenery of breathtaking  and captivating views at each turn but I have to be honest with you, this was not an easy hike given that it was supposed to be a 4/9 level of difficulty.

img_0872Just like any other hike I’ve done before, It’s always better not to hike alone and given thaat Mt. Mamara was a challenging one, it paid to have people with me to share the necessary essentials when trekking; water (lots and  lots of of water), food etc. Trust me, you need a whole lot of water.


From river crossing, mountain climbing all the way to getting soaking wet inside a cave (which I could not take photos of..), Mt. Mamarat was truly a stand out in spite the incredibly hot weather!


Apparently, after hours of going up top, we realized that what we thought was the summit was not the summit of Mt. Mamarat at all (sense the sarcasm). But was it worth it? I can’t take no for an answer and I wish I could explain it better in words but perhaps you have to find out for yourselves too! The blue skies, fresh air and the sun shining down your face was irreplaceable and though I may not be an expert in advising where and how to hike, but this has to be in your bucket list if you want to be 1,300FT game strong.

img_0911Other tips and advice when you are to hike Mt. Mamarat or any other trekking activity would be to first of course, bring a lot of water, apply a reasonable amount of sunblock, mosquito off lotion, be always ready with snacks/fruits and preserve your energy as much as you can by taking a 5 minute break every now and then.

img_0940If there’s anything that I have been learning from all my recent hikes so far, is to have fun. Yes you will get tired but don’t let that ruin the fun you get out of hiking especially if you are doing it with your friends, family or just anyone that is close to you! Enjoy!


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