If you read my earlier post on white shirts, I mentioned that it is relatively easy to mix it up. So here’s one of the look that I went with!

_mg_9332For this look, I went with a simple overlay with a Green Pantone (predicted to be the trendy color of 2017) Gap jacket . Of course, I had to make sure that it’s not too thick because reality is, I’m still in sunny Philippines. Match it with a good pair of H&M skinny jeans (What I’m wearing is my personal favorite) and classic boots and you’re good to go!



Though white shirts are “mix up ready”, making sure that the combination of clothes you are pairing it with is still important. In my case, I chose a combination of brown (shoes), black for my jeans which complements my jacket. Keeping it neutral would be the overall key.


As mentioned in my previous blog, always find the comfort to stick to the basics. Once you do, you’ll start realizing that it’s so much easier to add up to what you are already wearing because you are not overcrowding your outfit and this is something to take note of especially for us guys.




Overall, the outfit isn’t that complicated if you look at it. It’s also important that you should be able to put clothes together that reflects your personality otherwise you might have a hard time “carrying” it. With me, I’m pretty laid back/casual when it comes to what I wear and I think it helps express my personality: Casual and simple (naks!). I’m new to the #OOTD gaming but if there’s anything that I’ve learned over the years of being exposed in the industry and observing the evolution of fashion, understanding your personality is something that would help you out when it comes to styling yourself BIG TIME.


This might sound redundant, but be free on improvising and being creative with your outfit but don’t forget to be original and stick to your own style. Of course, don’t forget that it all starts with the white shirt (haha)! More white shirt combo to come!

Shirt, jeans and shoes are all from H&M.


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