Summer Cut

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Different hairstyles are something I enjoy exploring and trying out. I think it’s one of the easiest thing to play around simply because you are confident that it will grow back and fortunately for me, it does (haha).  Check out my go to hairstyle this summer!

Processed with VSCO with j4 presetIt would be illogical for me to state that Summer is the most awaited season in the Philippines because honestly speaking, it is always sunny in the Philippines. But to get to my point, whether you are a local or overseas, heat from the sun can sometimes create itchiness in our hair leaving us irritated. But what causes the itch? Well I did alittle bit of research. Underneath our lovely hair is what we call “scalp” and I have come to realize that scalp is skin too. When heat penetrates deep into our scalp, it can cause dry skin which then creates a friction which results to the irritation we feel.

Processed with VSCO with j4 presetIt has always been a constant challenge to keep an “irritated-free” hair whenever I try to grow it and so this led me to decide to keep a short hair whenever summer season is around the corner. So this summer, I decided to go with a ‘Low Taper Fade’ look. For some reason, keeping a short hair during the summer season has given me a good amount of comfort and ease and not to mention, it is a hairstyle that is always on-the-go. Not only is it easy to fix, I also do not need to use any hair product which helps to lessen the harm I might give my hair. But yes, I still use some product occasionally compared to when I had longer hair.

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To add to the convenience that short hair brings, my hair is pretty wavy when it is longer which gives me a longer time to fix it and I have to put so much effort just to get the style I want which can be very challenging at times. There are even days that I intentionally prevent from fixing it just because I am lazy…. I’m sorry..I’m only human.

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What are the important things to take note of if you are changing your hairstyle?  

The trick is to always get the right hairstyle for you. One way you can do this is to identify the shape of your face as some hairstyles can make your face look bigger which may result to not completing your appreance.

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I have an oval-shaped-face but a pretty small one too so the hairstyle I chose somehow still fits me.

Doing a little bit of research online can be helpful too! Yup, I try to look for some “hairspiration” and pattern mine to them. 

Of course, the main source of getting the right hairstyle is to get it at the right barbershop or if you are more of a salon person, then go ahead. I’m pretty old school, I like the feel of a traditional barbershop and the vibe it brings. For this hairstyle, I got my cut at one of my favorite Barbershop in the county, Bruno’s Barbers.  I can honestly say that they have one of the best professional Barbers and they know exactly what you want. Bruno’s offers a line of good services aside from your typical haircut. They can provide you a complete gentlemen package such as a full on shave, hot towel services and my personal favorite, the undeniably relaxing scalp massage!

Now, you may have your preferred barbershop and that is absolutely fine. Go ahead and get your cut there because your barber knows you best. There are tons of barbershop that I can personally recommend (which I will blog about soon) but Bruno’s Barbers is always on top of my list.

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One last tip I can give to you would probably be to make sure that the hairstyle you choose is something you are comfortable with. Comfortable in a way you can pull it off, no matter where you go or what event(s) or occasion you attend. Mine is pretty flexible, it can match my street wear #OOTD all the way to my formal ones.

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A simple approach with my hairstyle, yet it provides me the ability to be slick and have a ready to go attitude whether I am attending a wedding (as shown above), casual hang-outs, school classes or meetings at work

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I’ll be sharing with you a product I use to keep a healthy hair especially for us men who are always faced with dandruff and itchy scalp. So hope you will watch out for that!

There you go. Have fun with your hair, play around with it but never forget to be you and do you. Enjoy your hairstyle journey! #LAConnects

Photo credit to my good friend: Marco Soliven 

Location: Nurture Wellness Village, Tagaytay 

*Congratulations to my good friends Ingga and Cyrus for tying the knot. 


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