Best Served with Family

What’s better than Friends? Friends that you can call Family. It’s an understatement on how strangers can suddenly become family or how us millennials would term them as #Fam, #SquadGoals or #Crew.

Processed with VSCO with j4 presetI’m blessed beyond measure to be in the position of having friends that I can genuinely count on through the good and the bad. But believe me, the time it took to build the friendship was not an overnight event. It took numerous hang-outs, shared stories and moment to reach a certain level of friendship. The most significant thing about having friends you can call family is that you can be certain that in this world, you will never walk alone.

 You can be yourself with them. Without pretension or trying to be someone you’re not. I think one of the challenges we face nowadays is to reach a certain “status quo” or to blend in with a specific group of people just so we can say to ourselves that “I belong.”

Processed with VSCO with j4 presetThe beauty behind having real and genuine friends bears the fruits of honesty and trust. These are two key elements that any real long-term relationship must have.

Processed with VSCO with j4 presetOver the years, I have had friendships that lasts but most does not. So, beside from just being yourself, I have learned one important factor to keep the ball rolling in your friendship. Which is, TIME. Spend some time with them.

Here’s a look on how I spend time with mine:

Take them to one of your most favorite hang out place. Somewhere you can talk and catch up. There are a multitude of choices in Manila where you can do exactly that. But my go to place? Rita’s! For one, I absolutely love desserts. Plus their products are absolutely perfect for a tropical country such as the Philippines. But of course, you have to check if they like the place too. Fortunately for me, they are absolutely in love with Rita’s (haha).

Processed with VSCO with j4 presetMy good friends, Marco and Nash with their adorable son Bianco, recently shared a Rita’s experience with me and it was full of colors and fun just like a cup or cone of Rita’s. It’s amazing how I am a witness to the journey of these guys, from being single, to becoming a couple and eventually giving birth to a son. They are an absolute gift to my life (bring out the tissue box). They are just few of the people who I can call Family and who I can count on when the waves of life gets higher and the mountains get bigger. And, i’m thankful that they agreed to take some photos that I can use for the blog (haha).

Processed with VSCO with j4 presetJust as my friendship goes, Rita’s offerings are naturally amazing . It’s undeniably good! I’ll be honest with you, I was not a big fan of anything custard especially on  shaved ice but that all changed when I met Rita. Rita’s line of Ice custard dessert is exuberating with #Happiness. Yup, it’s no brainer why it’s called Ice-Custard-Happiness. 

Processed with VSCO with j4 presetHaving originated from Italy, the flavors of Rita’s Ice custard does symbolize the festive vibe Italians bring. Its colorful flavors explodes with mouth-watering experience, excites your senses and gives you a taste of custard uniqueness with every scoop. Who would have thought that Shaved Ice could be so magically scrumptious and leaves you wanting more?

Here are my most recommended must-try at Rita’s:

1. Frozen Custard: Award-Winning. Creamy and Delicious.

Processed with VSCO with j4 preset

2. Misto Shake: Italian Ice Blended w/ custard for a scrumptious shake.

Processed with VSCO with j4 preset

3. Gelati: Italian Ice layered w/ Frozen Custard.

Processed with VSCO with j4 preset

4. My new found favorite: The Custard Cookie Sandwich.

Processed with VSCO with j4 presetAt Rita’s, you are encouraged to TALK which place a huge role in building your bond with your friends. Just how exactly? Well for starters, you would want to share and taste the different flavors you guys are having to indulge your curiosity and satisfy your cravings which highly involves a word we are familiar with, it’s called Conversation. Yes, before our smartphones were invented, a face to face conversation was the #1 form of communication to build any relationship from the ground up and I still believe it is still one of the major ways to do so today.

Processed with VSCO with j4 preset

Processed with VSCO with j4 presetSo, who do you have in your life that you know you can depend on? Not only when everything seems to be ironed up but when it is starting to be a struggle and when life challenges is kicking in. I may be the last person you want to get advice from, but if there is any significant thing that a blogger can digitally do is to influence and I hope you get encourage by this post.

Processed with VSCO with j4 preset

Start building that lasting relationship and try doing it at Rita’s! Promise, it won’t dissapoint.


Processed with VSCO with j4 preset

If you head over to my Instagram, I recently posted about giving away some Rita’s GC.

Here are the mechanics:

  1. Post a photo of you and/or your friends on Instagram while enjoying your favorite Rita’s product.
  2. Share your Rita’s experience and state how you spend time with your friends through a caption.
  3. Tag me (louiesreyes) and Rita’s official Instagram account and use the hashtags #LAConnects #RitasIcePhOfficial #TheOnlyItalianIceInThePhilippines
  4. I will be picking 1 winner who will win GC’s worth 1,000
  5. Promo Period will run until end of March! 🙂

Post away!

Photos taken at Rita’s, Alabang Town Center Branch

Photo credit to my good friend and a professional photographer: Marco Soliven 

For more information about Rita’s  Philippines check out their official social media pages:

Instagram: @ritasicephofficial

Facebook: Rita’s Italian Ice Philippines








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