Backseat of your Mazda

The NEW Mazda 2 is a millennial type of car. Its edgy and sporty design from the inside out echoes the adventurous side of a millennial.

Read through the blog as I take you to my out-of-town journey at Laresio Lakeside Resort and Spa  with The Car of the Year.

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Zara kept me warm

Back to one of my most favorite country in the world, Tokyo Japan. I’ve been to Tokyo for several times now but it has never failed to amaze me. One, the food is amazing and so is the weather! Continue reading


Mt. Mamara

One of the things that I love doing is to hike. Did I always love it? Absolutely not (haha). But when the idea of trekking was first introduced to me, I immediately took interest in it.  Continue reading



A video compilation of our recent tour in Japan (a must visit).

IMG_9719Relationships are God given. It can empower the human soul and teach us to love beyond ourselves. The path to a strong relationship can be achieved through a constant effort of unselfishness and sacrifice that we are willing to give. Continue reading